Project Management

Ocean Race Logistics can work with you on helping your project get off the ground. With years of experience, working with sponsors and builders/suppliers, we know what works.

We can advise on budgets, for some projects we even hold the funds so that everyone knows where they are at any given time. We have dedicated accounts for this.

Our team has many decades working in and around the industry and have had success winning world championships and setting numerous world records, in different disciplines.

We can take on the refitting of an existing boat, or consult on what needs to be done, and what can be done to make things more efficient and effective.

We also work with teams/individuals and help them with project planning and routing. We help them to ‘go knowingly into the unknown’.

At Ocean Race Logistics we understand the importance of preparation not just of physical equipment, but the psychological preparation needed for some expeditions and projects, either team dynamics or dealing with isolation on a solo project. Again the team has first hand experience of what is needed to succeed in extreme environments and situations.

Contact Ocean Race Logistics now for a chance to ignite your project and head for the stars.